Vision Statement

The Eastside Café is committed to the belief that all people and all communities have the right to self governance and self-determination and that we possess within our own communities all the knowledge and power to make this a reality. We are not involved in a struggle for power- we possess the power already and are working to create a positive alternative to the negativities of our present situation.


1. We believe another world is possible only if we, the grassroots, the majority, play a key role in building it.

2. We believe in community-based organizing that is independent, pluriethnic and asset based (as opposed to deficit based). We rely on who we are and what we can do.

3. We believe that we are all equal because we are all different and difference is essential to our unique contribution. Respect for the different nature and role of each is law.

4. We believe in participatory democracy and will strive to use consensus for decision-making.

5. We believe that key to building participatory democracy is rebuilding respect, solidarity and mutual self-help.

6. We believe that government laws, while they can at times help, don’t make us free- we are the only ones that can free ourselves.

7. We believe that we all have the obligation and ability to lead in something and therefore there should be no special status or privileges given to leaders. We are all leaders. We are all special.

8. We believe in developing an autonomous, alternative, moral economy that allows for the dignified development of the human potential.


General ESC meetings are held on the last Sunday of every month from 10am-12pm



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