Children’s Workshops

My name is Fabiola Nava; I’m volunteering to help the community of El Sereno. My sister; Magdalena Henriquez, and I want to gather children from the community so we can create Art. Our objective is to succeed, and to help all the students have an after school project where they can be creative with Art.  Eastside Café (echospace) needs support to continue teaching cultural values in the abandoned bungalows located on the Maycrest Ave. My sister and I have used the Eastside Café to establish a Children’s Workshop, and have used Art to create a pedestrian-friendly environment; to create an increase in attention to support future cultural education.

I’m looking forward to having children of all ages; along with their parents to create great group projects. Group projects that promote important intellectual, and social skills, which will help prepare students to learn teamwork and collaboration. It also helps develop leadership, and communication.

Given my recent visits to Eastside Café, and the participation from myself in organized community awareness; I have seen potential in respect to the community and the subject in Art.  I myself have received recognition for studying Graphic Design and Fine Arts.  I will take this knowledge and with your help will take my acquired knowledge and implement community awareness and similarly if possible teach the attendee’s Art program in the renovated bungalows.  I propose a once a week on Saturdays, for just three to four hour’s classes for the “Children’s Workshop.” In respect to teaching art I will show the students the use of pencils, paintbrushes, and the subsequent mediums used to portray individual emotions through community awareness, and for a unity and pride in our culture.

Workshops are held on Saturdays from 11am-2pm

If you have any questions regarding the Children’s Workshops, please feel free to email us using the form below.

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