Escuelita Zapatista Reportback Celebration!

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We are inviting you to attend the Escuelita Zapatista Reportback Celebration!

A group of active participants in communities of Los Angeles, traveled down south to attend the Escuelitas Zapatistas. Others who could not attend participated via Video Conference provided by the Z’s plugged in through Hormiguero and EastSide Café Echospace. Both programs were a week long, filled with knowledge on the Zapatista way of Autonomous Resistance. They touched on Gobierno Autonomo, Resistencia Autonoma, y Mujeres en el Gobierno Autonomo.

Since then, both groups have been working on keeping Zapatismo alive in their communities.

As individuals deeply inspired by the Zapatistas, we want to share our time spent with the Z’s, and invite you to connect with projects that have sprouted from our time spent in the Escuelitas Zapatistas.

Along with our platica, photographs of our times shared with Z’s will be on display, and local artists and artisans will be posted up.

We will also have photographs, prints, and a Zine that includes a brief introduction of the Z’s, the History of LA and Z interactions, Why Zapatismo is important in LA, and reflections from folx that attended Escuelitas. ****Half of the proceeds will go to the Junta de Buen Gobierno, and the other half will go towards post-escuelitas projects.

Come and share your stories, ask your questions, discuss, and let’s move into strengthening our communities with what inspires us!
**If you’re interested in learning more about how you can participate in the Escuelitas please attend for further information.

Abajo hasta la izquierda!


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