Foro Ayotzinapa – Dec. 2, 2014


Foro Ayotzinapa: De Estudiantes A Estudiantes y De Padres A Padres

Martes/Tuesday December 2, 2014 at 5:30pm


Webcast Conference with Normalistas Students and Parents

The Normalistas and their parents will share their experiences with you.

They’ve requested your presence at the Eastside Cafe

5469 N. Huntigton Drive

El Sereno, CA 90032

In Solidarity with Ayotzinapa – Letter of Support

November 9, 2014


People of México:

This letter and the signatures provided below are an expression of our commitment to the memory and the legacy of each of the young Mexican students of the Normal Rural Raul Isidro Burgos in the state of Guerrero, Mexico who on their way to commemorate the massacre of Mexican students in 1968 were kidnapped. Indeed some of them were tortured and killed. We suspect that the remaining 43 students who have been disappeared have also been tortured and we fear their murder. We demand their return as do you and those around the world who have already demonstrated acts of solidarity with you.

The students’ kidnappers and murderers have made their message painfully clear: “Anyone who threatens the power of greed with compassion, the power of violence with love, and power with humility is sure to meet the same end.” These young people filled with inquisitiveness, compassion, love, and humility were on their way to commemorate those, who 46 years before them, met the same fate. La Masacre de Ayotzinapa slowly morphed into la Masacre de Tlatelolco.

What a terrible irony. Had the outcome been different, had the government acted on behalf of the victims, and not the perpetrators, these brave students would have returned home from their pilgrimage nurtured by knowledge, and prepared to sow the earth with curiosity, compassion, love, and humility. Yet let not this tragedy impede the students’ dream; let us take their dream and make it our own and ensure that the generations to come harvest the fruit of their labor and their ardent valor.

¡Vivos se los llevaron!

¡Vivos los queremos!


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