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La Escuelita via Webcast

August 2013

The Zapatista communities in Chiapas will celebrate their 10-year anniversary of the Juntas de Buen Gobierno. This celebration will be followed by a five-day class session that will be lectured by Zapatista community members. The content of this class session has to do with the approach of autonomy and how it has functioned in the Zapatista community, how it has succeeded, how it has failed, what could be improved, and what is missing.

La Escuelita is by invitation only. While over a thousand of the invited are going to Chiapas, a few hundred requested to take the course via webcast. The Zapatistas are asking for the names of all participants which means that you will only be able to participate by registering with through form. Space is limited and will be provided on first come, first serve basis.

Here in Los Angeles, there will be two locations set up where La Escuelita will be broadcasted: one in East LA at the Eastside Cafe and another in the San Fernando Valley at El Hormiguero. Please send your registration form to the pertaining location you will be attending.

El Hormiguero-
Eastside Cafe-

The classes will be broadcasted in the evening (time not yet confirmed) from August 12-16 and we ask that you commit to attending all 5 days. We take the word of the Zapatistas very serious and we ask that you do too by ensuring that you commit to this wholeheartedly.

Texts will accompany the course so we will be asking for donations to cover printing costs or you can print your print your own. We have not received the texts yet, so please prepare for an intense week of reading. We may also organize an orientation a few days prior to La Escuelita.

*Please keep in mind that we are being periodically updated by the Zapatista Community through their comunicados about how the Escuelita will look like via webcast and we may not have all the information at this moment pero con ganas we move forward and trust that this will all come together in the end.

To Register please email the appropriate location with the following information:

Name: _______________________________________

Phone Number: ____________________________________

Email: ________________________________________

Organization (if any):_________________________________________________

Recommended by_______________________________


(You will need a recommendation from one of our sister organizations.  Some of our sister organizations and collectives include Eastside Café, Hormiguero, Chucos Justice Center, Tia Chuchas, Corazon del Pueblo, El Centro Cultural de Mexico and others)

Why are you interested in participating in La Escuelita?



*For more information read the communiques at enlace zapatista. 

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